Every book addict loves a good plot twist.

My favorites are the ones that make me yell aloud. I’m big on shout-reading (I also squeal-read when people kiss).

I’ve rounded up thirteen books with my favorite twists, turns, and crazy awesome secrets. Some have been made into movies, so hopefully you’ve been able to avoid spoilers! Some new, some old, all amazing.

In no particular order:

Young Adult

One Of Us Is Lying is a YA mystery about five kids who enter detention, but only four come out after one has been murdered.

It’s a quick, easy read and it’s already on the NY Times bestseller list! This is so trippy! I thought about a million possibilities, but never that one.

The Maze Runner is a YA Dystopian about kids who wake up in a glade, and the only way out is through a huge maze that no one has come out of alive.

I enjoyed it SO thoroughly. Hopefully you haven’t seen the movie without reading the book, because it’s definitely worth the read! The ending alone is just amazing.

Looking For Alaska is a YA Contemporary about a kid who goes to boarding school and meets the girl of his dreams.

It’s told in two sections: before and after. I did not expect The Incident AT ALL. So crazy, so devastating.

The Lost Causes is a YA mystery/thriller about an ensemble of kids who are “gifted” with superpowers.

There’s one big twist and a lot of little ones, and one hell of a cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the next book!

The Fault in Our Stars is a YA Contemporary about two teenagers, one with terminal cancer, and another in remission.

Here’s another one that hopefully hasn’t been ruined for you by the movie. It’s hard to imagine that this could have a twist, since it’s about… you know… cancer, you just kind of assume you know what’s going to happen. I was SURE I had it all figured out, and I was ever so wrong. It’s a beautiful, heartbreaking read!

Consider novel by Kristy Acevedo

Consider is a YA Sci-fi, wherein holograms and portals show up all over the world, telling people that Earth will soon be destroyed, and that people can take the portals to a new planet.

I DEFINITELY shouted out loud with this one. SO good, SO unexpected. I love this book, and the sequel.


The Girl on the Train is a mystery/thriller about a girl who takes the same train ride every day, and one day witnesses a crime.

This one’s a little rough, the main character is really unlikeable so if that’s not your thing, keep it in mind. But the twist! Oh man! There’s a reason this book is so popular, y’all.

Haunted is a weird one, guys. I mean, it’s Chuck P, so of course it’s weird. But even for him. It’s about a group of writers who think they’re going on some kind of writer’s retreat, but the reality is much worse.

It alternates between the main story line about the people, and each of their individual short stories. All kinds of craziness takes place!

Fight Club is about two men who have never been in a fight starting a fight club.

Here’s another one you’ve probably had ruined for you by the movie, but if you’ve managed to miss it, definitely read this book! Such phenomenal writing, such bizarre amazingness, and the ending is crazy as hell.

I know, yet another Palahniuk. Diary is about a woman whose husband is in a coma, and she writes a diary to him while he’s out.

That probably sounds nice, but it’s terrible. Look how worn my copy is! I have read the hell out of this book. Definitely give it a read!

Gone Girl is a mystery/thriller about a man whose wife has gone missing, and the police are trying to figure out what has happened to her and whether he’s responsible.

Yet another movie! And a damn good movie, at that. If you’ve missed it, absolutely check out Gone Girl! I shouted many a times at this book.

Archetype is a sci-fi about a woman who wakes up in the hospital and can’t remember her life.

I’m a sucker for amnesia! And the twist in this one, holy shit. It’s such good stuff. I stayed up all night reading this one!

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is a paranormal thriller about a guy named Odd who sees/helps dead people.

Now, there’s a movie about this one too, but in my opinion it does the book ZERO justice. Please read the book. The big event the whole book leads up to is a surprise, and there are two or three other little moments that make you yell.


What about you?

What’s your favorite plot twist in a novel?

8 thoughts on “13 Books With Crazy Awesome Plot Twists

  1. hopefray says:

    I love books with plot twists! I just read about One of Us is Lying and I definitley, definitely have to go get a copy now 🙂

    1. Savanah says:

      Definitely worth the read!

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

  2. Such a fun list! I love a good plot twist 🙂 I think my all-time favorite is the Fight Club plot twist though, it’s so crazy and feels like one of those classic plot twists!

    1. Savanah says:

      Absolutely! I was floored the first time I read it! I’ll never forget 😀

  3. Jorie says:

    Hallo, Hallo Savanah!

    I skimmed down to the comments on this post as I’ve been waiting to ask a reader if they ever read Mr Murder by Dean Koontz? I used to *devour!* his titles in high school as I was between YA and Adult; not that we necessarily had a YA section in book shoppes in the mid-90s but you get the gist! lol I sort of shifted full throttle into Adult Lit by 13 (8th grade) when I was given Jurassic Park . LOVED the science in that one as my favourite ‘twist’ is Malcolm – how accurate his Chaos Theory was as applied to the Park itself and to the mindset of being able to ‘control’ dinosaur DNA (ironic or no). Back to Koontz – in Mr Murder it was my first Intro into #metafiction (ie. story about the art of writing and/or from a writer’s or writing POV) — but the *twist!* is ‘who’ Mr Murder actually is both in concept, identity and character! *chilling, I tell you! It was the last novel I could read by this author — I had nightmares for MONTHS! I. Kid. You. Not!

    Which is mostly likely unless one of these books you’ve showcased are on the tamer side of Thriller/Suspense, I might have to pass them all over to you! 🙂 lol I do admit, I caught Girl on the Train in the twitterverse, whilst chatting about it and then, started to hear readerly impressions which made me shrug as I knew it wasn’t my cuppa after all. Oy. In regards to Fault – just no. I can’t do it. I am a sensitive reader and I honestly talked about why I cannot handle terminal story-lines over here: Between Sisters Sometimes – you just can’t cross the invisible line in the sand if you know your limits.

    1. Savanah says:

      Wow! I’ve never read Mr. Murder! I will totally check that out. In general, Koontz isn’t my favorite, which is odd because Odd Thomas remains one of my favorite books of all time. But Nightmares for months sounds great. I love to be changed by a book!

      I think knowing your limits is admirable and perfectly acceptable. I am with you on certain things, I’m really sensitive to many kinds of violence, especially assault, and I typically can’t continue on with a book if something of that nature takes place (regardless if it was necessary for the plot). So I hear you.

  4. Based on your likes here, I’ll bet you would like Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. Twisty and amazing, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t typically read thrillers! I would recommend checking out the audio book, as the chapters have two different narrators, and the audio book uses two different voices actresses. Makes a big difference. This book has it’s own twisty hashtag: #WTFthatending

    1. Savanah says:

      Oh how cool! I will totally check it out!! Thank you 😀

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