I firmly believe that we need well-read women. I would love to be a part of your ongoing journey to be one of these women, and for you to be a part of mine.

I’m Vani and thank you for stopping by!

I have tendencies that lean toward loutish; obscene; indecent. My love of books is followed by my love of the f-bomb.

Between one and five times a week I troll the local thrift shops for books. Any books. All the books. My collection no longer fits on my many shelves, not that this stops me.

I am, above all things, honest. You may learn far too much about my personal life.

This honesty will always be part of my book reviews. I’m also the first to call a book out for lack of diversity or poor treatment of marginalized people.

I am passionate as hell about books. All the books. I love all the books. I love all the books so much, I have an entire arm dedicated to tattoos from my favorite novels and poetry. I love the way the right novel at the right time can change your life. The way the right poem can ruin your whole life.