I’m linking up with The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

This week FLEW by! Where did it even go? This Sunday post snuck up on me!

I did two arc reviews this week! (click on the picture to see the review):

Both adult titles this week, which is fairly unusual for me!

Hearts Like Hers, a lesbian romance which is SO cute and has some kickass characters! I give it four of five coffee cups.

And The Beloveds, a novel I wanted to love way more. Female psychopath, gorgeous writing. Unfortunately it fell a little flat with some pacing issues and a lack of plot. I gave it three of five houses.

WELL this is where things really fall to shit for me because I NEVER read what I plan to read.


Big little Lies is obviously not an arc, but I’ve had it on my shelf for a bit and I’m trying to get those down!


I am trying to do “Off the Bookcase” posts, as well as arcs. This week I started The Girls by Emma Cline, but ultimately DNF’d at 38% because I don’t love the (in my opinion) overly flowery sentences and it taking way too long to get to the plot.


I hope everyone is having an incredible week, and I can’t wait to read your posts!

23 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Ooh, I’ve never heard of Hearts Like Hers before and am SUPER interested now, because (1) hello diversity, and (2) it’s cute! Will definitely check out your review. Have an awesome week, Vani!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  2. Olivia Roach says:

    Finishing two books in a week is great! I’m sorry you had to DNF your read as well :/ Never fun when that happens. And my mum read Big Little lies and loved it so I hope you do too!

    I really am glad I found your blog through Pinterest and your comments <3 Looking forward to future posts x Followed you on Bloglovin and Goodreads too 🙂

    My recent post: http://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/02/reading-wrap-up-january-december/

    1. Vani says:

      Ah yeah I hate DNFing but I promised myself I’d spend less time this year on books I’m just not enjoying!
      Thank you so much!! I’m so glad to have found your blog, also!

  3. I have an e-arc of The Beloveds I need to get to as well! My hopes are a little high for it since other, recent mystery/thriller ARCs have fallen a little flat for me. Sounds like it might be another iffy proposition! Have a great week 🙂

    1. Vani says:

      I think there were some AMAZING aspects of it. It just really depends on which parts are most important to you. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Laura Thomas says:

    The Girls is on my list. Sounds thrilling. And I’m working on TBR books now. Trying, I do stress ‘trying’, not to grab any new books. LOL

    My Sunday Post

    1. Vani says:

      I wish I could have gotten into it! I was hoping with the cult aspect that it’d be a little more exciting. Ugh I know! I’m a constant collector, trying to slow down until I actually get through some of these.

  5. Laura says:

    Big Little Lies is one of those books I’ve been meaning to read for a while, as I’ve heard people say great things about it. I really hope you enjoy it, and have a great week! 🙂

    1. Vani says:

      Same! It’s been on my shelf forever! Hoping to finally tackle it soon 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Loved Big Little Lies. I have heard mixed things on The Girls. Happy reading and have a great week!

    1. Vani says:

      I had high hopes for The Girls, given the twisted subject matter, but alas. I’m so stoked for BLL. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Sophie says:

    I’ve always wanted to read Big Little Lies. It’s so hyped and the cover is really pretty. I hope you are enjoying it!

    1. Vani says:

      I’m hoping it’s one where the hype is warranted! I’ve only read a little but I’m really digging the writing so far.

  8. Gayathri says:

    Girls is on my list but your review is making me hesitant to pick it, Of course it will take a while for me to get to it. Big Little lies was a fun read. I read it months ago and I don’t even remember the plot anymore.

    1. Vani says:

      I hate how that happens! I read so much that I can’t remember character names by the time I write the review, much less the plot months later.

  9. I’ve heard that about The Girls. Haven’t tried reading myself yet, but I might if I find it on the library 🙂

    1. Vani says:

      I had high hopes because it’s based on a cult and I’m usually interested in twisted stuff, but there’s SO much build up. 140 pages in and I’d JUST gotten to the first night in the cult. So I don’t know.

  10. Rachel says:

    I like the cover on The Beloveds. 🙂 Intriguing.

    1. Vani says:

      Isn’t it great!? I love how it looks eerie even though it’s just a door.

  11. Greg says:

    The beloveds somehow looks creepy with that cover? Sorry it wasn’t a little better with the pacing issues. I loved Big Little Lies, hope you enjoy it too. I think it was the snarkiness for me, I loved all the parents weighing in at the end of each chapter lol.

    1. Vani says:

      It definitely is pretty creepy! I enjoyed that aspect of it, a lot. I can’t wait to get farther into Big Little Lies! I read the first couple chapters and I love the snark, too.

  12. I listened to and loved Big Little Lies. I hope you enjoy it. The romance looks cute and I am curious about the kickassery. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Vani says:

      That’s what I’d like to do! I’ve been getting audiobooks for when I exercise so I’m getting both done at the same time, so I’m hoping I’ll like Big Little Lies. Have a great week!

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