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How To Edit Blog Photos with PicMonkey

This is a follow-up to my post, How to Take Great Blog Photos (Without Expensive Equipment).

After I’ve taken photos I like, I edit them using Picmonkey. There are both free and premium options, but I’ve only ever needed the free version!

There are a tonnn of options. I really only use two sections.

Blog Photo Styling

This is one of my starting photos. The natural light is decent and I have it styled the way I want. So I open PicMonkey.

The first thing I do is crop it down to something more manageable. This is basically what you’re looking at at that point.

How to edit blog photos

The section you’re going to want to mess with is Exposure.

How to edit blog photos


When exposure is open, you then have four slide bars to mess with.

I always start with contrast, because this is the one that does most of the heavy lifting in my opinion.

How to edit blog photos

See how much more vibrant that is?? All that’s left is to make it brighter, really.

How to edit blog photos

And there you have it! Play around this way until you have a picture you’re happy with!

Archetype Novel by M.D. Waters

All that’s left to do at this point is get them ready for your different social media platforms!