10 ways to find time to read

10 Ways to Find Time to Read

I hear it constantly: “But how do you find time to read?”

It’s a fair question. I’m a mother, and home-educated my son for two years. I’m a full-time student, and just recently stopped working full-time as well.

And for a while, I did all these things at the same time. Yes. I was a home-schooling mother, full-time student, and had a full-time job. And I still found time to read.

If I can do it, you can do it. Here are some ways to work reading into your life, no matter what your life entails.


  Read in between classes

Read in between classes. This is honestly where I get most of my reading done. There are plenty of times where a class is cancelled, and I’m stuck waiting for another that doesn’t start for two hours. Sometimes I’ll finish a midterm or final in fifteen minutes, and be in the same boat. Sometimes, I purposefully schedule my classes all semester so I’ll have hour and a half breaks in between classes, so I can do homework and then read. It’s not going to hurt to shove one more, non-school assigned book in your sixty pound backpack.


Read on your lunch break

Read on your lunch break. Bring a book, and see how many pages you can go before you get food on it. I promise it’s not as many as you think.

Read on your off-time. At my desk job, I better not be caught dead with a novel. That didn’t stop me from downloading E-books. Even if your employer would like to think you’re a busy little bee who spends 100% of your time thinking and dreaming about their company, chances are you have some downtime. Use the downtime to read.



I get the most excuses from you. I’ve heard it all. Well, y’all, I’m a mom, too. I get it. We’re busy. I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but I have been known to schedule every second of my day until I feel I may actually be crushed under the weight of my self-imposed obligations. Guess what? I still read.

While dinner is in the oven. Or on the stove. Or at any break I get from being an active participant in the cooking process.

While you’re waiting at doctor’s appointments. The more kids you have, the more time you spend in frickin’ frackin’ waiting rooms. PUT DOWN THE US WEEKLY. (Unless your goal is to read more magazines, in which case good on you, I totally support your journey and your decision to read whatever you want.)

While your children nap. If you’re lucky enough to have children that nap. My kid never napped, not once, past his first birthday. BUT, you may be one of the lucky ones. Instead of spending nap-time crying or day-drinking or whatever, grab a book! Bonus points if you can cry/day-drink while you read!

Find time to read

If you homeschool, take advantage of their solitary activities. Chances are, you don’t hover over everything your kid does. They probably add or paint or do something you don’t have to monitor all that closely. Take this time to read.

At the park. Be it a kid park, a dog park, or a combination of the two, you probably spend some time here. Spend that time reading!

Read at the park


Public transportation is the best for reading. Now I live in Colorado Springs, a city where it is virtually impossible to live without a vehicle. However, I used to live in Portland, Oregon, and I took the MAX train everywhere. I got SO much reading done. If you are a bus/train/subway user, stop staring out the window! Read a book. This goes for planes also. There’s more than Skymall out there. Also, there’s generally tons of time to read while you’re waiting for any of these to show up.

Read while you wait for the bus


Get audio books for the car. Some people will tell you that this isn’t really reading. Tell those people to bite your ass.


The final thought:

You have to want to read. You have to want to make time to read. Chances are you make time for television, wine, complaining about your co-workers. These things are important to you, and that’s great! If you would like to become more of a reader, you just have to make it a priority to read.
Find time to read

What About You?

How do you find time to read? Do you find yourself making excuses?