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Well! Last week I said things were quiet, so, naturally, this week things have been a mess. My son’s eleven, and (universe help me) going through puberty, and this week has been a fun mess of chaos and emotion. Here’s to seven years from now when he’s eighteen!

I only managed one review this week (click on the picture to see the review):

Dear Dwayne, With Love is SO funny. I love it so much. I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy for myself. About a woman in love with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I have a tonnnn of arcs (what else is new?) which I am very excited about!

I did not get through as much as I wanted last week, sadly.

Here’s what I’m currently reading! Click the picture to see the Goodreads page!

This Love Story Will Self-Destruct. How cute is that title?! Apparently it’s like a re-imagined When Harry Met Sally? And a NA title, which I’d like to read more of this year.

Reign the Earth, a YA fantasy which I haven’t read in a while and LOOK at that pretty cover!


I did a picture-heavy post about a few awesome indie bookstores in Denver! 

I hope everyone is having an incredible week, and I can’t wait to read your posts!

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Evelina says:

    I scurried off to read the review right away 🙂

  2. Greg says:

    Awesome bookstore post! I love finding new ones. And Reign the Earth does have an amazing cover. I would almost get it just for that. 🙂

    Dear Dwayne does sound fun.

    1. Vani says:

      I do, too! I can’t wait for next time I can make it up there to check more of them out.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Reign the Earth. YA Fantasy isn’t usually something I read a lot but it does sound like an interesting story. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Vani says:

      I don’t read a ton of it, either! But I’m excited for that one for sure.

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